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For a PDF version of our rates from 1 to 14 days: click here

Reminder of discounts on rental rates

With no deposit, no fees

1-2 days 10%
3-14 days 20%
7th and 14th day free


Excellent selection and guaranteed best prices with greater flexibility

  • Is FREE via our form: Book online
  • Is FREE, via e-mail ( Please remember to include dates, the number of skiers, ages, heights, shoe sizes, weights, levels, etc... for each of the skiers expected (thank you for being accurate)
  • Or by phone at +33 (0)4 76 79 52 34


Finally a simple, flexible and responsive solution to your ski equipment rentals!

  • -20% guaranteed compared to the suggested retail price displayed in store for a period of 6 days.
  • 7th day free.
  • Insurance for loss, theft, and breakage 2 € / day per adult and € 1 / day per child. More info
  • No booking fee.
  • Booking cancellation free of charge.
  • Possibility to modify your order in the store.
  • No deposit on reservation required.
  • Payment on arrival in store.


Alternatively, with a booking fee, deposit and general conditions of Sport 2000

Via the Central Sport 2000: click here

Ski service prices

Ski & snowboard rates

  • Ski / Snowboard Basic waxing: 10 Eu
  • Fluoro glide waxing: 15 Eu
  • Sharpening: 10 Eu
  • Sharpening & fluoro glide waxing: 25 Eu
  • Filling, sharpening & flouro glide waxing: 35 Eu
  • Total (molding, sharpening, flouro glide waxing): 45 Eu
  • Hourly workshop rate for repairs: 50 Eu